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I still remember the moment I had finally booked it. I was going by myself to India for what I hoped was a real Ashram (following in Elizabeth Gilbert's footsteps) to find myself in the foothills of the Himalayas. I had no intention of actually teaching yoga when I was finished but I had itchy-feet, was broken-hearted, lost in more ways than one and could not think of anything better than deepening my yoga practice.

What I didn't realize at the time was that training would crack me wide open and put me back together again. Over the days that passed, I would feel myself overcome depression, anxiety and addiction. I would become comfortable in my own skin and I would begin to understand the transformational aspects of yoga.

During my time in India, I also learned that yoga should not be reserved for the economically privileged. If yoga was intended to be a gift to man, then there was something very wrong with what has been going on in the western world where class prices are notoriously high.

I set out to make yoga not only more physically accessible but economical in my home town of Brandon, Manitoba.

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Shawna Philpott

500 E-RYT, Reiki Master, B.Sc., B.ED., M.SC.

Shawna Philpott is the founder of Brandon City Yoga, a unique practise that combines yoga, functional movement and breathwork to empower, release stress and let go of bad habits.

Shawna is a creative soul whose sadhana is to be of service to people, animals, plants and nature.

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It is time to set your trajectory for the year ahead, cultivating strong intention and healthy routines to keep you warm, calm & fit all year long.

Practicing yoga once per week is amazing. Two times per week is twice as good. And three or more times is magic, creating a lasting transformation that inspires ongoing commitment.

Imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.

Rodney Yee

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