Finding Your Centre

Stress is the number one contributor to disease in the western world.

We are what we repeatedly do, therefore if you wish to be calm and stress-free, you must practice calm and stress-free.

So, what have you been doing lately to reduce the stress level of your life? 

If you are like me, you may find yourself trying to keep up with the daily grind…

Doing what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing:

  • being a “Super Mom” or “Super Dad”
  • filling our family’s days with commitment, activities, you name it 

Bogging our schedules down with no end in sight.

We hear it all the time as Yoga teachers trying to spread the joy of what we do to our friends and families… 

“I wish I had the time for yoga, but I’m just so busy.” 

It’s so true! We are all incredibly busy, and it’s impossible to find the time…

This is why the only way you will make it to your mat (or to your rug) is if you make your own needs a priority in your life, and make the time.

Reserve a quiet moment on your mat, rug, or office chair and breathe, just breathe. Taking time everyday to slow down and centre.

Breathe deeply filling the space of your abdomen.  

Finding the stillness in your own body where you are content and at peace will leave you feeling happier and healthier. 

If you would like to come find your centre with me tonight, join us at 5:30PM at the West End Community Centre.

Yoga for Change is a Candle-lit Karma Yoga class held every Wednesday evening at 247 23rd Street in Brandon, where donations are collected for the charity of the month in lieu of a class fee. This is a drop-in only all levels class that is great for beginners or seasoned yogis alike.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 


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