Guest Teacher Alexandra Daum Dec. 9th

Guest Teacher Alexandra Daum Dec. 9th

This Wednesday, December 9th @ 5:30pm, Yoga for Change continues at Brandon City Yoga!

We are excited to welcome this week’s guest yoga teacher Alexandra Daum to lead us through a gentle flow yoga series.

Remember to bring your donation in lieu of a class fee for a local family this holiday season (pay-as-you-can)

To get to know Alexandra a little bit better we asked her a few questions:

Guest Teacher Alexandra Daum Dec. 9th
Guest Teacher Alexandra Daum Dec. 9th

When did your yoga journey begin?
I started practicing yoga when I was around ten years old. My sister is older than me and got a couple of Gaiam videos, so I started doing them too, and just got really interested in it that way. I was running track and swimming competitively through my childhood and early teens, and needed something that was more gentle for the body. Exercise that isn’t about winning something is really valuable for children, I think.

What do you love most about yoga?
I think the best thing is how it links mental and physical wellbeing. All exercise is healthy for the mind, but yoga actively seeks to create a connection.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I struggled with depressing and anxiety from childhood, and found yoga to be extraordinarily helpful in improving my mental health. It’s gotten so much better in the past few years, and yoga has played a very important role in that. I wanted to become a teacher to help other people who are going through the same things.

What keeps you coming back to your mat?
Whenever I stop practicing for a while, I don’t feel as well. It’s just become a normal part of my routine, like eating breakfast every day. It’s part of staying healthy for me. I also have old knee, back, and shoulder injuries that yoga has really helped in healing. Everything is easier if I’m practicing regularly.

What do you like to do in your down time (other than yoga)?
I run a healthy food blog, so cooking, baking, photography, and writing are big things for me. I also do a lot of pottery, read, and make things like soaps and candles.

What is your favorite style of yoga?
Gentle Hatha, with lots of twists and balances.

Which pose is your favorite?
Does child’s pose count? I love dancer, and tree, and pigeon. Every pose (maybe not camel) is my favourite.

What can we expect from your class?
A gentler flow that focuses on balance. In asana, balances are great for building strength in both body and mind, and I find them so beneficial for overall health. This is especially important during the holiday season, which can be stressful for many of us! Expect a sweet class that’s a bit challenging, but will hopefully keep you smiling the whole time.

We can’t wait for class Alexandra!

Class begins Wednesday at 5:30 pm (doors open at 5 pm). Remember to bring your donation in lieu of a class fee in support of a local family this holiday season!

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