Mehndi is the temporary tinting of the skin, by applying Henna.

In India, and around the world, Henna pigments are applied for special occasions including Hindu festivals and most elaborately on brides upon their wedding day. It is traditionally applied to both the hands and the feet to awaken the wearer’s “inner-light”.

Brides must be very patient with this process. The application of Henna can take several hours, and then requires the Bride to remain very still to ensure they do not smudge the intricate design.

For best results let your Henna design dry completely before removing; up to 8 hours. Mehndi will stain your skin a rich brown colour and will last a few days up until one week.

Insider’s Tip: For best results you can apply a mixture of fresh lemon juice and granulated sugar to keep the henna from completely drying; then leave the Henna on the skin over night. By doing so you can have your Henna last up to twice as long. *Remember to cover your Mehndi with a plastic bag over night to ensure you don’t ruin your sheets*

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