Simple ways to be Green

Today is the 45th annual celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd).

In honour of Mother Earth here are a few simple ways to:

1) Grow your own Food– We don’t all have the space to have a full garden so why not dedicate a windowsill to a new herb garden?

2) Choose a Fair Brew– If you are a coffee lover choose a fair trade roast or better yet a fair trade company. (If you don’t know if your favourite coffee is fair trade take some time do find out!!)

3) Plant some native Wildflowers– We humans have been busy changing the landscape so much that our native bees and butterflies don’t come across many of the native wildflowers that they’ve adapted to pollinate.

4) Plant a Tree – Help to offset your family’s carbon footprint by sequestering some carbon of your own!

5) Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels – by walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transport.

6) Reduce your consumption of plastic – Plastic does not decompose… therefore, if your plastic is not recycled, it will end up in our landfills or waterways and eventually into our oceans.

7) Choose Green products – Every dollar you spend is a vote.
When you choose ethical companies, who are making products that help to make a change in the world -you are casting a vote for that company.
Consumer demands can and do drive serious change in the global market.

Vote carefully.

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