Yoga for Change – February 25th – Yin-Yang Fusion

This week Yoga for Change returns with guest teacher Chelsea McCrimmon and Brandon City Yoga’s own Shawna Philpott to bring you Yin-Yang Fusion.
Tonight Chelsea will be beginning the class by guiding us through a flowing Yang practice designed to ignite the Manipura Chakra (also known as the solar plexus or navel chakra). The class will conclude with a cooling and restorative Yin yoga practice with Shawna, concluding with a deep relaxation. 

The Manipura chakra is the body’s third chakra, according to the Yoga Vedas and the Upanishads. It is the centre for vitality and associated with the digestive track, regulating the functions of the pancreas and the other digestive organs.

When this chakra is blocked we may face many health problems such as digestive disorders, circulatory diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. When we have a strong and active Manipura chakra we are able to overcome many illnesses, the body finds balance and great strength. 

Join us tonight as we collect donations for this month’s local charity of the month the Ethan James Wyne Organization. Suggested minimum donation is $5 or pay as you can. Please arrive early to secure your spot in this drop in only class. 
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