30 Day Meditation Challenge

30 days of mindfulness practices to establish a powerful habit to improve your overall wellness, reduce stress and overcome obstacles – all while giving you the tools to transform your life.

This course begins with the basics of meditation and mindfulness including body scans, breathing exercises and visualization to help you clear the mind of mental clutter vrittis (sanskrit for fluctuations of the mind).


Week two begins the process of releasing. We will use various techniques to uncover traumas and emotions that are gripping us. To release, we must first uncover and ultimately let go. This is no easy task and this type of work can be intense but so beneficial to release these burdens and reframe them in your psyche.

Week three brings with it manifesting and attuning yourself towards your life’s purpose. Getting clear on what brings you joy and setting intentions towards living a life filled with your own unique fulfillment.

Week four continues the practice of getting to know yourself better through self exploration and self discovery.

All sessions are recorded for on-demand access anytime. It is important to do the sessions in order so that you do not miss anything from a previous session.

Register here -> Investment in self = $30/month